The Reporter Who Knew Too Much

The Reporter Who Knew Too Much

The Mysterious Death of What's My Line Tv Star and Media Icon Dorothy Kilgallen

Book - 2016
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Was What's My Line TV Star, media icon, and crack investigative reporter and journalist Dorothy Kilgallen murdered for writing a tell-all book about the JFK assassination? If so, is the main suspect in her death still at large?

These questions and more are answered in former CNN , ESPN , and USA Today legal analyst Mark Shaw's 25th book, The Reporter Who Knew Too Much . Through discovery of never-before-seen videotaped eyewitness interviews with those closest to Kilgallen and secret government documents, Shaw unfolds a "whodunit" murder mystery featuring suspects including Frank Sinatra, J. Edgar Hoover, Mafia Don Carlos Marcello and a "Mystery Man" who may have silenced Kilgallen. All while by presenting through Kilgallen's eyes the most compelling evidence about the JFK assassinations since the House Select Committee on Assassination's investigation in the 1970s.

Called by the New York Post , "the most powerful female voice in America," and by acclaimed author Mark Lane the "the only serious journalist in America who was concerned with who killed John Kennedy and getting all of the facts about the assassination," Kilgallen's official cause of death reported as an overdose of barbiturates combined with alcohol, has always been suspect since no investigation occurred despite the death scene having been staged. Shaw proves Kilgallen, a remarkable woman who broke the "glass ceiling" before the term became fashionable, was denied the justice she deserved, that is until now.

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Publisher: [Franklin, TN] : Post Hill Press, 2016
ISBN: 9781682610978
Branch Call Number: PN4874.K53 S53 2016
Characteristics: vi, 329 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm


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to rest on the laurels of having read ' lane, and posner' says to me you've not read much at all. the book is by no means perfect, but it is as brave as its subject, the sublime Dorothy Kilgallen. She was the best woman writer since Dorothy Parker, and she had a profile of courage. She went up against the likes of Frank Sinatra, of J. Edgar Hoover, of Carlos Marcello, of Santos Trafficante, of Jimmy Hoffa. She didn't directly go up against Lyndon Baines Johnson, but she would have ended up doing so, had her life not been shortened, as it was. Sinatra used to talk about her while on stage, he wanted her to stop writing about his evil ways. She did not stop doing that, voluntarily. She was the only journalist of that time who disbelieved the Jesse Curry/ J. Edgar Hoover phony story that ' Oswald did it.' Thus, she was able to scoop them all, and get several interviews with Jack Ruby, during his first trial. She was locked into a loveless marriage, but she had a notable affair with singer Johnny Ray. Notable, because she was vociferous and not shy about making love with him. The book uncovers the extent of the Mafia's penetration into the New York City's Coroner Department. After you've read the book, you'll find it hard to believe that her death was an accidental overdose, or a suicide. The question at that point is: who killed her? The suspect list is quite long. The author does a good job of sorting them all out. Interesting fact: when the detective showed up at her building the night she died, Joan Crawford was among those waiting to receive him. I wish he'd done a better job of putting DK's job in perspective; those times were quite different than now. For such a slim volume, much information is imparted. This is a much better book than POISON PATRIARCH (about Joe Kennedy and his family) was. Although I praise this, that should not lead anyone to conclude that I buy the "mafia alone killed jfk" theory. DK might well have been killed by her husband, who was in the dwelling at the time, albeit on a different floor. She had just changed her will, away from one which delivered her entire estate to him, to one which favored her third child. And, he knew this. After her death, the new will had vanished.....but the shenanigans from the city medical examiner,and the police not even taking fingerprints, nor interviewing hardly anyone, that leads one to wonder..especially since her jfk assassination file, which she took care to always be with her, vanished, too.

Aug 14, 2017

EXTREMELY repetitive from chapter to chapter to chapter. Could have said the same things in a far more concise manner. This books seems as if it were written to become a mini-series, because each and every chapter spends at LEAST five paragraphs re-explaining what was just covered in the previous chapter. Also, I'd like to know who proofread this before it went to press because the grammatical and spelling errors are horrendous and all throughout the book. Dorothy must be spinning in her grave. Plus it was quite disappointing that the "too much" Dorothy Kilgallen knew was just more tripe about the "Mafia killed Kennedy" conspiracy. Not that I disagree with that, and not that I dislike Kennedy conspiracy books as long as they provide me with NEW information. I've read Mark Lane, I've read Gerald Posner, I've watched countless TV specials and none of what this book presented was news to me, other than the fact I had not previously known Kilgallen was one of the thousands of "witnesses/participants" who became collateral damage of the Kennedy assassination.

Jul 25, 2017

It's too bad she didn't get the justice she deserved.

Jul 06, 2017

Excuse me...but when you simply look at WHO ACTUALLY benefitted from J.F.K.`s death, your whole `vast-right-wing-conspiracy` fantasy falls apart: the Democratic Party - who now had (through carefully orchestrated P.R. and the `Camelot` B.S created by poor Jackie (who loved the worthless womanizer despite the lousy, disrespectful way he treated her - antics which humiliated and angered the Secret Service who liked Jackie and felt she deserved better) a `martyred president` to compete with Republican Abraham Lincoln who, unlike J.F.K ( who promised the moon to the Black Community, Israel, etc. then gave them the cold shoulder/finger as soon as he got in) DID enact the Emancipation Act; and the Kennedy Clan - who now had a whole, over-the-top mythology to wrap around them to counteract the truth and keep Old Joseph (Nazi-loving, Woman-degrading, Helped-finance-publishing-the-American-edition-of-the-`Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion`, Robber Baron) Kennedy`s dream of a family dynasty alive. Both groups needed this `bull starch` to sling around, ESPECIALLY the Democratic Party. Here`s the true `math`, kiddies: Democrats = Southern Democrats = Dixiecrats (can you say KLU KLUX KLAN?) If there was/is anyone killing people to cover up the truth, it`s the Kennedys and the Democratic Party. They`re the only ones who have anything to lose if `The Truth` comes out (which is nutcase Lee Harvey Oswald did them both a favor and saved the United States taxpayers oodles of money on an embarrassing impeachment trial.)

May 30, 2017

An excellent read. A bit repetitive at times, but well researched nonetheless . I do think she was murdered, to many red flags to suggest otherwise.

May 27, 2017

Make sure this book has all your attention when you read it. It's filled with lots of detailed research and footnotes.

I believe the author is onto something when he suspects foul play in the death of Killgallen. Was her death the result of her research into the assassination of JFK? I'm not sure the book offers concrete evidence, but it does raise some very good questions. It also shows just how powerful organized crime was during that time.

Mar 11, 2017

I don't wish to cast aspersions on this author; this is a very good book on the life of a real investigative journalist, Dorothy Kilgallen, but the end is somewhat misdirectional as the author arrives at conclusions not solely based upon the facts.
Yes, the evidence points to her murder - - but to conclude that the murders of JFK and Dorothy were the work of the mob doesn't necessarily follow.
That Joe Kennedy double-crossed the mob? Again, conjecture. It is more probable that he had that stroke which immobilized him during an argument with the Kennedy brothers, trying to dissuade Bobby from his crusade against organized crime, as payback for their aid in helping Jack to win the presidential election [there were strong indications of ballot box tampering with on both sides, Nixon in Virginia and down South, and Kennedy elsewhere].
Yes, I believe Ms. Kilgallen was murdered to prevent her book, just as I strongly suspect WaPo reporter Larry Stern was also murdered for the same reason, but the assassinations of the Kennedy brothers and Rev. King were most certainly CIA-sponsored. There were simply too many government insiders, connected together back to their OSS days and FBI days, within the CIA, FBI and Secret Service, involved, which ruled out the mob. Ruby's job was to take out Officer Tippit [Oswald's police contact, Oswald being an FBI informant and on-and-off CIA asset] and Oswald - - whether he did it for the CIA, which he had worked for in the past smuggling guns, et cetera, or at the direction of the mob for the CIA, is almost irrelevant.
On his return flight on Air Force One immediately after the assassination of the president, LBJ rescinded Executive Order 11110, which was President Kennedy's endrun around the Federal Reserve, the ultimate threat to the bankster class. On the day after President Kennedy's funeral, LBJ signed NSAM 173, which flipped JFK's NSAM 163, which he had just signed in October.
Other than that, a nicely done work.


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